Guest Editor

Special issues of journals co-edited by Haridimos Tsoukas.

Journal of Management Studies, Special issue “Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Publication of Karl E. Weick’s The Social Psychology of Organizing”, 57:7 (2020) – with G. Patriotta, K.M. Sutcliffe and S. Maitlis

Academy of Management Journal, Special Issue “Process Studies of Change in Organization and Management: Unveiling Temporality, Activity, and Flow”, 56/1 (2013) – with A. Langley, C. Smallman & A. Van de Ven

Organization Studies, Special Issue “Towards the Ecological Style: Embracing Complexity in Organizational Research”, 32/6 (2011) – with K.J. Dooley

British Journal of Management, Special Issue on Knowledge Construction and Creation in Organizations, 15 (Special Issue) (2004) – with N. Mylonopoulos

Futures, Special Issue “Coping with the Future: Developing Organizational Foresightfulness”, 36/2 (2004) – with J. Shepherd

Knowledge and Process Management: The Journal of Corporate Transformation on Knowledge Management Systems: Technical and Organizational Issues, Special Issue, 10/3 (2003) – with N. Mylonopoulos

Journal of the Operational Research Society, Special Issue “Modelling Organizational Knowledge”, 54 (2003) – with N. Mylonopoulos

Organization Studies, Themed Issue “Time and Reflexivity in Organization Studies”, 23/6 (2002) – with E. Antonacopoulou

Management Learning, Special Issue “Knowledge-based Perspectives on Organizations: Situated Knowledge, Novelty, and Communities of Practice”, 33/4 (2002)

Organization, Special Issue on “Chaos, Complexity and Organization Theory”, 5/3 (1998)

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