Reforming the state: Understanding the vicious circles of reform

Journal papers
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European Management Journal, 33(4): 225-229

How is new organizational knowledge created in a virtual context? An ethnographic study

Journal papers
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Organization Studies, 36(5): 593-620

Performing phronesis: On the way to engaged judgment

Journal papers
John Shotter, Haridimos Tsoukas
Management Learning, 2014, 45(4): 377-396

Making sense of the sensemaking perspective: Its constituents, limitations, and opportunities for further development

Journal papers
Jorgen Sandberg, Haridimos Tsoukas
Journal of Organizational Behavior, (2014)

In Search of Phronesis: Leadership and the Art of Judgment

Journal papers
John Shotter, Haridimos Tsoukas
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Understanding the (Re)Creation of Routines from Within: A Symbolic Interactionist Perspective

Journal papers
Dionysios D. Dionysiou, Haridimos Tsoukas
Academy of Management Review, 2013, 38(2), 181-205

Process Studies of Change in Organization and Management: Unveiling Temporality, Activity and Flow

Journal papers
Ann Langley, Clive Smallman, Haridimos Tsoukas, Andrew H. van de Ven
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Introduction to the Special Issue: Towards the Ecological Style: Embracing Complexity in Organizational Research

Journal papers
Haridimos Tsoukas, Kevin J. Dooley
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Grasping the Logic of Practice: Theorizing through Practical Rationality

Journal papers
J. Sandberg, H. Tsoukas
Academy of Management Review, 2011, 36(2), 338-360

What is reflection-in-action? A phenomenological account

Journal papers
D. Yanow, H. Tsoukas
Journal of Management Studies, 2009, 46(8), 1339-1364
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