Sensemaking reconsidered: Towards a broader understanding through phenomenology

Journal papers
Sandberg, J. & Tsoukas, H.
Organization Theory, 2020, 1:1-34 [winner of the James G. March Prize, awarded by EGOS, July 2020]

Organizing risk: Organization and management theory for the risk society

Journal papers
Hardy, C., Maguire, S., Power, M. & Tsoukas, H.
Academy of Management Annals, 2020, 14/2: 1032-1066

On the way to Ithaka: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Publication of Karl E. Weick’s The Social Psychology of Organizing

Journal papers
Tsoukas, H., Patriotta, G., Sutcliffe, K.M. & Maitlis, S.
Journal of Management Studies, 2020, 57/7: 1315-1436

Towards a better understanding of tacit knowledge in organizations: Taking stock and moving forward

Journal papers
Hadjimichael, D. and Tsoukas, H.
Academy of Management Annals, 2019, 13:672-703

When fiction trumps truth: what ‘post-truth’ and ‘alternative facts’ mean for management studies

Journal papers
Knight. E. & Tsoukas, H.
Organization Studies, 2019, 40(2):183-197

Strategy and virtue: Developing strategy-as-practice through virtue ethics

Journal papers
Tsoukas, H.
Strategic Organization, 2018, 16: 323-351

Leadership, The American Academy of Management, and President Trump’s travel ban: A case study in moral imagination

Journal papers
Tsoukas, H.
Journal of Business Ethics, 2018, 163: 1-10

Don’t simplify, complexify: From disjunctive to conjunctive theorizing in organization and management studies

Journal papers
Tsoukas, H.
Journal of Management Studies, 2017, 54/2, pp. 132-153

Reforming the state: Understanding the vicious circles of reform

Journal papers
Cunha, MP. & Tsoukas, H.
European Management Journal, 33(4): 225-229

How is new organizational knowledge created in a virtual context? An ethnographic study

Journal papers
Baralou, E. & Tsoukas, H.
Organization Studies, 36(5): 593-620
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