Introduction: What does it mean to view organizations as knowledge systems?

Book Chapters
Haridimos Tsoukas, Nikolaos Mylonopoulos
in H. Tsoukas and N. Mylonopoulos (eds.), «Organizations as Knowledge Systems», Palgrave, 2004, pp 1-26

Introduction: Organizations and the future: From forecasting to foresight

Book Chapters
Haridimos Tsoukas, Jill Shepherd
in H. Tsoukas and J. Shepherd (Eds), «Managing the Future», Blackwell, 2004, pp 1-17

Measuring Nothing: The Case of the Greek National Health System

Journal papers
Apostolos A. Ballas, Haridimos Tsoukas
Human Relations, June 2004, 57(6) 661-690

Introduction: Knowledge Construction and Creation in Organizations

Journal papers
Haridimos Tsoukas, Nikos Mylonopoulos
British Journal of Management, March 2004 15(S1) S1–S8

Coping with the future: developing organizational foresightfulness

Journal papers
Haridimos Tsoukas, Jill Shepherd
Futures, 2004; 36(2) 137-144

Πρόλογος: Εν αρχή ην η σχέση: Ηγεσία στην εποχή της αβεβαιότητας

Book Chaptersin Greek
Χαρίδημος Τσούκας
στο Μ. Γουίτλι «Ηγεσία και Χάος», Καστανιώτης, 2003, σσ 9-23
Foreword: In the beginning was the relationship: Leadership in the time of uncertainty
Foreword to the Greek edition of Margaret Wheatley’s «Leadership and the New Science, Kastaniotis, 2003, pp 9-23.

New times, fresh challenges: Reflections on the past and the future of Organization Theory

Book Chapters
Haridimos Tsoukas
in H. Tsoukas and C. Knudsen (Eds), The Oxford Handbook of Organization Theory, Oxford University Press, 2003, pp 607-622

Introduction: The need for meta-theoretical reflection in Organization Theory

Book Chapters
H. Tsoukas, C. Knudsen
in H. Tsoukas and C. Knudsen (Eds), The Oxford Handbook of Organization Theory, Oxford University Press, 2003, pp 1-36

Do we really understand tacit knowledge?

Book Chapters
Haridimos Tsoukas
in M. Easterby-Smith and M. A. Lyles (eds), «Handbook of Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management», Blackwell, 2003, pp 410-427

Editorial: Technological and organizational issues in knowledge management

Journal papers
Nikolaos Mylonopoulos, Haridimos Tsoukas
Knowledge and Process Management, 2003, 10(3) 139-143
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